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First time paddleboarding

It’s the 4th of July, doing some work at the dock, sipping on some whiskeys and enjoying the 80-degree+ weather. We’ve got two paddle boards and sadly I’ve never tried them out but after a few Maker’s, I decided to give it a go.

Set off on my knees and then stood up no problem. Paddled all the way up to the end of the Q fairway, turned right, and then then right again down the R fairway which passed through to the shore. I’ve always wanted to paddle along the rocks and under the dock walkways. Hell yea, I’m a paddle boarder!

So far so good. Zero problems. My strokes were getting better. I felt less tense. I wasn’t trying so hard. Was I the possibly the fasted paddle boarder in all of Shilshole Marina? Maybe, I told myself. I paddled all the way to the fuel docks (H), up the long fairwa and turned to head north to get back to Q dock and my slip.

As soon as I was approaching the Q fairway, someone waved and said something to me. As soon as I looked up and tried to reply, BOOM. Into the drink. What the hell just happened? I was doing great? All flustered, I climbed back on the board, paddled maybe 15 yards and fell again. So embarrassing. Gingerly climbed back on and paddled a bit on knees, the tried to get back up to my feet. Whoa.. whoa… WHOA! Splash. I couldn’t do it. The Makers had set it and squashed my brief bout of athleticism.

Note to self: Don’t consume whiskey and paddle board.


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