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The boat originally has no forepeak door – just a rounded-cornered triangle opening to the cavernous forepeak. Kate has never liked this dark void and the empty hole freaked her out. It was pretty unsightly. Oh well, time to buy more tools!

First, this space needed a logo. I know just the guy… 😉

With new logo in hand, I found a DeWalt router and jigsaw package. Man, those are amazing tools. Then poure through countless vids on how to do routing on wood sign lettering. Turned out great. Except the thick epoxy turned the highlight this ugly yellow. Nevermind… I tried to do that.

To mount the door, I install bracket behind the opening with bolt epoxied and protruding inwards. Slide the door over the bolts, throw on the washers and hand-tighten the bolts and scary space is gone!